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Our Reputation

At Private Luxury Travel, we are your trusted advisor to ensure the very finest luxury travel experience. We judge how well we’re doing by the number of clients that book with us time and time again. And that’s just what they do.


We promise to deliver luxury at all levels, a professional service and privileged access to the most exclusive private castles, luxury lodges and tropical island retreats, as well as subject experts, authors and aristocrats. We also cater high profile sporting events, concierge services, driver guides and self-drive cars.


We want our clients to feel completely comfortable, utterly at home, whilst away from home, surrounded by plenty of privacy and space. From castle estates, ethnic experiences, horse-riding treks and private helicopters, we have the very best. Clients have included Michael Jackson, members of Royal Families, Taylor Swift, other celebrities and CEOs of many Blue Chip companies.


Our broad range of properties provide a high degree of privacy and security and are suitable for people such as politicians, film actors and musicians who need to escape the glare of publicity. We can offer trained security officers with a good local knowledge, drivers who have trained in risk management and evasion and facilitate liaison with the local police.


Adams & Butler is now the premier tailor-made travel company for individuals and groups. Recent incentive and special-interest tours cover many themes including antiques, gardens, golf, gourmet, ethnic experiences, equestrian, architecture and even ghosts!


Our reputation as trusted advisor is well deserved. And you deserve the best.