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Adams & Butler Eco-Luxe Travel and Cultural Immersion

Monday, 22 January 2018
Adams & Butler Eco-Luxe Travel and Cultural Immersion

Adams & Butler participates in a growing movement of action towards our global situation, many bright thinkers recognise the impact that we have on the environment that we live and grow in. We are proud of the luxury travel movement for designing so many new ethical options for our clients to avail of.We will be focusing much of our expertise on creating meaningful and life changing experiences for our clients, we do this by combining luxury, culture and local impact with sustainability.


Achieving this through offering many exclusive stays at some of the top eco-luxe resorts and hotels on the planet including private solar powered Island resorts, hidden gems in wilderness reserves and national parks and much more. We are guided by providing an authentic experience incorporating and considering both culture,local impact and ethics. We believe the ultimate standard of luxury is an unspoilt environment, providing our clients with things like clean water, air, and healthy delicious nutritious food to help you fully unwind and recuperate.


Life changing experiences with us, come in the form of experiencing the best service on offer and most luxurious and exclusive stays available on the market whilst also having the option to engage in local projects, experiencing real culture and participating in activities which could change the way you see the world.You could stay for a night under the twinkling stars with the Samburu tribe, it has been described by clients as a “life changing experience”.


Engagement in local projects can be arranged and many clients have returned from a meaningful luxury family vacation with unforgettable memories and a new found connection and appreciation to life. Making a difference together often strengthens family bonds and teaches our children great new skills. For us it is about turning your trip into an ethical and personalised experience that will touch your heart, bring you rejuvenation, relaxation and a new found strength to return home with unforgettable memories.  

Contact Adams & Butler at for further information on booking an Eco-luxe Trip!